Sod Installation

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Beautify Your Yard with Sod

Choosing between sod vs. seeding depends on numerous factors, including your site, budget, and maintenance capabilities.  Our design experts will help you understand which option is best for you.

When sod is the preferred choice, The NL Group has years of experience installing premium-grade sod to landscapes.

Professionally Installed

Our experienced installation team makes sure your new lawn gets off to a great start by preparing the underlying soil and installing the premium-grade sod using professional tactics.

Our installation includes:

  • Clearing the site of any root-prohibiting rocks, stones or other debris
  • Rough grading the area to eliminate drainage issues
  • Adding topsoil, if necessary, to achieve optimal root development
  • Tightly butted and staggered joints
  • Rolling the newly laid sod to smooth out bumps and air pockets, ensuring good contact with the soil


Benefits of Sod

Sod provides an instant, established and healthy lawn that beautifies your landscape much faster than seeding.  Our experts will help your lawn get off to a quick and healthy start.

The benefits of sod installation:

  • Instant results
  • Root system establishes quickly
  • Few or no weeds
  • Fast turnaround for play areas, entertaining, and pets
  • Installation flexibility throughout the growing season

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What Customers Are Saying

“Perfect, creative design, professional installation. We would definitely use again!”


– Jeff Walter

“Great communication and high quality work. Workers on site are very friendly. Good overall value for the price.”


– Scott Skinger