Pool Deck and Hardscaping

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Beauty & Privacy

Extend your landscape’s beauty and functionality to your backyard pool area:

  • Turn your barren, desolate pool area into a colorful backyard paradise
  • Colorful planters and containers beautify and soften surrounding concrete decks
  • Reduce noise from neighbors and street traffic
  • Add privacy and block unsightly visions with shrubs, hedges, small trees, tall flowering plants, or vines
  • Experience the beauty of travertine natural stone pavers as your pool deck

Low Maintenance

Our pool landscape designs ensure low maintenance for you:

  • Use of native plants require little, if any, fertilizer, and withstand the local weather and prevents erosion
  • Use of plants meant to thrive in northern climates, appropriate for our USDA hardiness zone
  • Use of plants that don’t attract bees, wasps and other bothersome insects

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Reduced Evaporation

Regular pool maintenance includes replacing water and chemicals lost due to evaporation.

Installing plants, shrubs, or other barriers around your pool can reduce the amount of wind that skims across the surface of your pool, thereby slowing the rate of evaporation.

Pool landscaping benefits:

  • Reduce pool water evaporation
  • Save water, chemicals, and money

What Customers Are Saying

“They designed our landscaping and did a beautiful job!”


– Ricardo Carranza

“Very Professional”


– Mitchell Hallett