Landscaping and Planting

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Comprehensive Property Assessments

Introduce color and texture to your landscape by planting beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers. Our team helps clients create magnificent outdoor spaces brimming with lush, diverse plants. Our landscape gardeners help vivid visions come to life with the right plants and shrubs. Before we plant, we conduct an assessment of your property. We determine soil conditions, water and sunlight exposure, and weather patterns and select which plants will work best for your outdoor space.

High-Quality Plants for Your Garden

We have helped homeowners increase the value of their property with our innovative planting solutions. Our high-quality plants come from specialist nurseries to create an elegant yard that can become the centerpiece of your property.


Professionally Installed

We deliver and install the plants on your property. If necessary, our landscapers will clear your backyard before planting trees, shrubs, or flowers.

On top of providing various flowering plants and ornamental trees, we perform soil amendments, share care instructions and professional advice to ensure the beauty of your landscape.

Beautify Your Yard with Sod

Sod provides an instant, established and healthy lawn that beautifies your landscape much faster than seeding.  Our experts will help your lawn get off to a quick and healthy start.

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What Customers Are Saying

“We have used NL Group for the last 3 years for lawn mowing and maintenance, as well as 2 major landscaping jobs. The team is SUPER responsive to any needs/concerns. My neighbors have literally told me my lawn looks like carpet. Thanks NL!”


– Steve Flunker

“I cannot recommend NL highly enough. The crews do a really good job of making everything look nice every week and taking care of the small details that make a big difference. Everything from the lawn to the flower beds are meticulously cared for.”


– Robert Stoll