Architectural Landscape Design

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Our Landscape Design, Your Dream Space

We’ve helped customers achieve their landscaping goals: from creating a Zen stone garden to adding a cascading waterfall to your backyard.

Our landscape design services can help you achieve an exceptional outdoor space where you can enjoy the calmness of nature. We use plants and materials that will bring out the natural beauty of your backyard.

Our team can transform your garden and bring your creative vision to life. We will work with you to enhance your curb appeal and boost the aesthetic value of your home.

Outdoors Spaces That Meet Your Lifestyle

Our landscape designers create customized design plans and guide customers through the installation process. We collaborate with you while drawing landscape plans, selecting the finest materials, designing water features and more.

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Customized Professional Design Services

We provide professional designs and custom quotes that create a one-of-kind space meeting your lifestyle needs, whether it’s adding an outdoor kitchen or creating a playground area.

We have helped customers every step of the way – from initial planning and design, to execution, and then maintenance.

Start your landscaping project with The NL Group. Email or call us today and receive a free quote.

What Customers Are Saying

“The NL Group has the highest level of professionalism and expertise. If you’re looking high quality landscape services, especially in the Barrington area, then look no further than The NL Group!”


– Dave Williams

“Carlos and his crew did a phenomenal job! They worked very hard and were very professional. They went above and beyond what I asked and you can’t ask for any more than what they did. They are my go to landscaper moving forward! Thanks again!”


– Tim Vedder