Transform Your Lawn with Hardscaping in Barrington from the NL Group

When you want to rearrange things or add something to the landscape, you need hardscaping services in Barrington. Hiring a hardscaper is easy when you work with the NL Group. We offer residential & commercial hardscaping and can help you transform your space. Hiring a hardscaping company is easy when you work with us, so let us be your new hardscape contractor.

Five Things to Know when Considering Your Hardscaping Services

How to Beautify Your Yard with Hardscapes?
Hardscapes are additions, such as fountains and walls. These can add visual appeal and help draw the eyes. What is the Difference Between Hardscaping and Softscaping?
Hardscaping is the ‘hard’ things, such as bricks, concrete, and stone. Softscaping includes the things that grow in the yard, like shrubs and flowers. Does Backyard Hardscaping Add Value to the Home?
Yes, because the space looks more beautiful and peaceful. What Services does a Hardscaping Company Offer?
We can help you transform your outdoor living space by adding decorative walls, outcroppings, and much more. How Much does Hardscaping a Backyard Cost?
The price is going to vary based on many factors. Call us for an estimate.

Consider the Best Hardscape Design in Barrington

When it comes to hardscape designs in Barrington, no one beats us. We can help with outdoor patio designs to tie everything together. As your hardscape architect/designer, we work hard to come up with unique concrete patio & paver designs. This allows you to be the talk of the neighborhood.

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Your Guide to Hardscape Design and Construction

What is Hardscape Design?
This refers to the hard, solid elements in your landscape, such as walls, paving, and more. How to Create a Successful Hardscape?
It is best to work with a professional, and we are here to help. How can I Make My Outdoor Patio Backyard Beautiful on a Low Budget?
We work with a variety of budgets and can help you beautify your space. How to Choose the Best Hardscape Materials?
It’s best to let the professionals help you select the right materials, so call us today! Do backyard hardscape designs add value to the home?
Yes, because the space looks put together, tranquil, and peaceful. Contact us to start your next project!