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Residential Hardscape

Retaining Walls

Outdoor Living Room with Fireplace

Outdoor Living Spaces


This lakeside living room is an excellent example of what can be accomplished with stone. Simple, elegant and functional, this space was transformed from a grass rise in the back yard into an exquisite fireside retreat.


Patio Seating Wall with Lighting



This simple patio design integrates a low wall for seating which divides the yard from the home and features integral lighting for ambiance and safety.


Patio with Seating Wall and Integral Lighting
Hardscape Drive Repair

Hardscape Repair

Chicago, and the Midwest, are known for some of the harshest weather conditions and seasonal climate changes in the world. Rain at night followed by a 30 or 40 degree temperature drop during the day can wreak havoc on any wall or drive. The NL Group is proficient at repair, as well as installation, and can return your property back to serviceable condition in no time.

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