Bring a dramatic flair to your outdoor space with manicured hedges.

For a striking and upscale look, it’s tough to beat the grandeur of boxwood hedges. These classic plants provide shape and definition for your yard and feature lush foliage in a deep green shade that can vary from a matte to a shiny finish.

Often used to edge rose beds or other plantings, boxwood can be shaped into groupings that grow into a continuous hedge that provides a clean, manicured look. They can also be sheared into unique and decorative designs that are eye-catching and elegant.

From an aesthetic perspective, it’s tough to beat a boxwood hedge for a look of upscale sophistication. These plants are hardy in Northern Illinois and provide color twelve months a year. 

While providing beauty, definition, and evergreen color to your yard, boxwood yield a natural barrier but are not tall enough in maturity to be considered a privacy hedge.

If you’re looking for a living fence for privacy, however, you do have options to consider planting in the Northwest Chicago area.


Also evergreen, arborvitae plants boast the ability to grow to impressive heights, providing you with natural privacy. These plants offer lush greenery and are hardy enough to withstand our cold northern Illinois winters. Our NL Group experts can walk you through the different cultivars available to choose from for your needs and preferences.

Limelight Hydrangea

For a hedge option that features flowers, consider the limelight hydrangea. This plant grows up to 8 feet tall and boasts beautiful, large flowers as well. The full foliage of this woody plant adapts beautifully to being grown as a hedge wall, forming a natural barrier. In the summer, the flowers are bright white and turn to a light pink shade in the early Autumn.

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